How daring are you? Take this free quiz to find out

TEDx talk by Marcus Taylor, creator of the comfort zone calculator

The other day, I stumbled upon this cool little tool that let’s you measure your comfort zone. It was created by a guy as a social experiment to see whether comfort zones can be measured and as a way to encourage people to take action and do something outside their comfort zones. 

The comfort zone calculator tool can be found at It’s basically a short survey to see whether you have already/are interested/are not interested in completing actions in three main categories: Adrenaline, Professional, Lifestyle. The actions include things like skydiving, working in a different country or learning a new language.

After a couple of minutes clicking though answers, I was able to see my results and how it compared to the average. I scored a total of 79.1 (out of 100), and the average is 66. Broken down by categories, I scored 68.6 for Adrenaline, 88.8 for Professional and 80.1 for Lifestyle. I had assumed my Lifestyle score would be quite high, so that was about right. Although my Adrenaline score was lower than I had expected, I am proud of  a lot of the things I have done already done. (Bungee jumping? Only 3 different ones in 24 hours. Scuba diving? I’ve got my advanced diver certification. Climbing a mountain? Does getting to Everest Base Camp count?) What surprised me the most was my Professional score. I had expected it to be the lowest, as I haven’t achieved as much professionally as I would like. Seeing that it is so high gives me a shot of self-confidence, which is certainly motivating.

How do you compare? The average comfort zone scores by categories.

Try it yourself and see how you measure up. It doesn’t cost a thing and only requires you to enter a name, your age, gender and email address. It may just inspire you to take action (like try one of the suggested links, books and ideas based on your results) and stretch the boundaries of your comfort zone!


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